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Fixed #17180 - Emphasized the need to load the i18n template tag in e…

…ach template that uses translations. Thanks stefan.freyr for the suggestion and buddylindsey for the draft patch.
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commit 514a0013cd38fc586e3b4d8582da2f65c1cdd50c 1 parent 4db38cb
Tim Graham authored August 19, 2012

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  1. 3  docs/topics/i18n/translation.txt
3  docs/topics/i18n/translation.txt
@@ -463,6 +463,9 @@ Internationalization: in template code
463 463
 Translations in :doc:`Django templates </topics/templates>` uses two template
464 464
 tags and a slightly different syntax than in Python code. To give your template
465 465
 access to these tags, put ``{% load i18n %}`` toward the top of your template.
+As with all template tags, this tag needs to be loaded in all templates which
+use translations, even those templates that extend from other templates which
+have already loaded the ``i18n`` tag.
466 469
467 470
 .. templatetag:: trans
468 471

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