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Fixed ReST error in docs/templates_python.txt. Thanks, EABinGA

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@@ -411,13 +411,12 @@ Although the Django template language comes with several default tags and
filters, you might want to write your own. It's easy to do.
First, create a ``templatetags`` package in the appropriate Django app's
-package. It should be on the same level as ``models``, ``views``, etc. For
+package. It should be on the same level as ``models``, ````, etc. For
- views/
Add two files to the ``templatetags`` package: an ```` file and a
file that will contain your custom tag/filter definitions. The name of the
@@ -650,7 +649,7 @@ The ``tag()`` method takes two arguments:
function as a string).
As with filter registration, it is also possible to use this as a decorator, in
-Python 2.4 and above:
+Python 2.4 and above::
def do_current_time(parser, token):

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