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Fixed #8656: added a note about iterating over `UploadedFile` only u…

…nderstanding `\n`.

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jacobian committed Aug 28, 2008
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@@ -192,6 +192,21 @@ define the following methods/attributes:
Only files uploaded onto disk will have this method; it returns the full
path to the temporary uploaded file.
+.. note::
+ Like regular Python files, you can read the file line-by-line simply by
+ iterating over the uploaded file:
+ .. code-block:: python
+ for line in uploadedfile:
+ do_something_with(line)
+ However, *unlike* standard Python files, :class:`UploadedFile` only
+ understands ``\n`` (also known as "Unix-style") line endings. If you know
+ that you need to handle uploaded files with different line endings, you'll
+ need to do so in your view.
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