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[1.2.X] Fixed #15257 - Add a link about field lookups to the tutorial…

…; thanks dwillis.

Backport of r15624 from trunk.

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@@ -683,8 +683,11 @@ Save these changes and start a new Python interactive shell by running
>>> c.delete()
For more information on model relations, see :doc:`Accessing related objects
-</ref/models/relations>`. For full details on the database API, see our
-:doc:`Database API reference </topics/db/queries>`.
+</ref/models/relations>`. For more on how to use double underscores to perform
+field lookups via the API, see `Field lookups`__. For full details on the
+database API, see our :doc:`Database API reference </topics/db/queries>`.
When you're comfortable with the API, read :doc:`part 2 of this tutorial
</intro/tutorial02>` to get Django's automatic admin working.

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