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[1.4.X] Fixed #18904 - Typo in MySQL link; thanks Johie Anderson for …

…the report.

Backport of e5983af from master
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commit 53f533f8648eb869978020c11f0c9c8f4dae4679 1 parent 2326860
@timgraham timgraham authored
Showing with 1 addition and 2 deletions.
  1. +1 −2  docs/ref/models/querysets.txt
3  docs/ref/models/querysets.txt
@@ -2073,7 +2073,7 @@ Note this is only available in MySQL and requires direct manipulation of the
database to add the full-text index. By default Django uses BOOLEAN MODE for
full text searches. See the `MySQL documentation`_ for additional details.
-.. _MySQL documentation:>
+.. _MySQL documentation:
.. fieldlookup:: regex
@@ -2245,4 +2245,3 @@ Variance
.. _SQLite documentation:
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