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Fixed #8967: Added documentation for the 'through' option on a many-…

…to-many field in the fields reference documentation.

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@@ -887,6 +887,17 @@ that control how the relationship functions.
add the descriptor for the reverse relationship, allowing
:class:`ManyToManyField` relationships to be non-symmetrical.
+.. attribute:: ManyToManyFields.through
+ Django will automatically generate a table to manage many-to-many
+ relationships. However, if you want to manually specify the intermediary
+ table, you can use the :attr:`~ManyToManyField.through` option to specify
+ the Django model that represents the intermediate table that you want to
+ use.
+ The most common use for this option is when you want to associate
+ :ref:`extra data with a many-to-many relationship <intermediary-manytomany>`.
.. attribute:: ManyToManyField.db_table
The name of the table to create for storing the many-to-many data. If this
@@ -357,6 +357,8 @@ arguments which are explained in :ref:`the model field reference
<manytomany-arguments>`. These options help define how the relationship should
work; all are optional.
+.. _intermediary-manytomany:
Extra fields on many-to-many relationships

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