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Correct link to Sentry

django-sentry is no longer maintained, and sentry is the replacement.
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@@ -470,13 +470,13 @@ Python logging module.
with names and values of local variables at each level of the stack, plus
the values of your Django settings. This information is potentially very
sensitive, and you may not want to send it over email. Consider using
- something such as `django-sentry`_ to get the best of both worlds -- the
+ something such as `Sentry`_ to get the best of both worlds -- the
rich information of full tracebacks plus the security of *not* sending the
information over email. You may also explicitly designate certain
sensitive information to be filtered out of error reports -- learn more on
:ref:`Filtering error reports<filtering-error-reports>`.
-.. _django-sentry:
+.. _django-sentry:

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