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Fixed #20891 -- Removed part of the tutorial that requires pytz

Thanks AtomicSpark for the report.
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1 parent bc5716f commit 55339a76691724109770092976e660ac62358bc5 @timgraham timgraham committed Aug 15, 2013
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@@ -385,15 +385,6 @@ search terms, Django will search the ``question`` field. You can use as many
fields as you'd like -- although because it uses a ``LIKE`` query behind the
scenes, keep it reasonable, to keep your database happy.
-Finally, because ``Poll`` objects have dates, it'd be convenient to be able to
-drill down by date. Add this line::
- date_hierarchy = 'pub_date'
-That adds hierarchical navigation, by date, to the top of the change list page.
-At top level, it displays all available years. Then it drills down to months
-and, ultimately, days.
Now's also a good time to note that change lists give you free pagination. The
default is to display 100 items per page. Change-list pagination, search boxes,
filters, date-hierarchies and column-header-ordering all work together like you

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