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Added a FIXME that I forgot to include earlier.

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1 parent 5f2c513 commit 56d56e5bac2923382fd10036dbe045412390362d @malcolmt malcolmt committed Apr 4, 2007
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@@ -6,6 +6,10 @@ def smart_unicode(s):
# The input is the result of a gettext_lazy() call, or similar. It will
# already be encoded in DEFAULT_CHARSET on evaluation and we don't want
# to evaluate it until render time.
+ # FIXME: This isn't totally consistent, because it eventually returns a
+ # bytestring rather than a unicode object. It works wherever we use
+ # smart_unicode() at the moment. Fixing this requires work in the
+ # i18n internals.
return s
if not isinstance(s, basestring,):
if hasattr(s, '__unicode__'):

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