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Fixed #17063 -- Fixed visibility of a few version-dependant notes in …

…our documentation.

Thanks jifeng.yin AT gmail DOT com for the report.

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@@ -315,7 +315,6 @@ parameter to the ``sitemap`` and ``index`` views via the URLconf::
.. versionchanged:: 1.4
In addition, these views also return
instances which allow you to easily customize the response data before
@@ -353,7 +353,6 @@ If you need to accept :attr:`~Field.null` values then use
:class:`NullBooleanField` instead.
.. versionchanged:: 1.2
In previous versions of Django when running under MySQL ``BooleanFields``
would return their data as ``ints``, instead of true ``bools``. See the
release notes for a complete description of the change.
@@ -879,7 +878,6 @@ shortcuts.
A :class:`CharField` for a URL. Has one extra optional argument:
.. deprecated:: 1.4
``verify_exists`` is deprecated for security reasons as of 1.4 and will be
removed in Django 1.5. Prior to 1.3.1, the default value was ``True``.
@@ -636,7 +636,6 @@ Manually managing a user's password
.. currentmodule:: django.contrib.auth.utils
.. versionadded:: 1.4
The :mod:`django.contrib.auth.utils` module provides a set of functions
to create and validate hashed password. You can use them independently
from the ``User`` model.
@@ -375,7 +375,6 @@ translates (roughly) into the following SQL::
.. _`Keyword Arguments`:
.. versionchanged:: 1.4
The field specified in a lookup has to be the name of a model field.
There's one exception though, in case of a
:class:`~django.db.models.fields.ForeignKey` you can specify the field
@@ -29,7 +29,6 @@ mappings. And, because it's pure Python code, it can be constructed
.. versionadded:: 1.4
Django also allows to translate URLs according to the active language.
This process is described in the
:ref:`internationalization docs <url-internationalization>`.
@@ -1496,7 +1496,6 @@ translations for the same literal:
is used as a fallback.
.. deprecated:: 1.3
Lookup in the ``locale`` subdirectory of the directory containing your
settings file (item 3 above) is deprecated since the 1.3 release and will be
removed in Django 1.5. You can use the :setting:`LOCALE_PATHS` setting
@@ -198,7 +198,6 @@ Natural keys
.. versionadded:: 1.2
The ability to use natural keys when serializing/deserializing data was
added in the 1.2 release.

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