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Fixed #15141 - remove some deprecated storage engines from the MySQL …

…notes; thanks mariuz for the suggestion.

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commit 578ad9b472ba18b3fcdbe263e37002233fa859a2 1 parent a757b5b
@timgraham timgraham authored
Showing with 5 additions and 14 deletions.
  1. +5 −14 docs/ref/databases.txt
19 docs/ref/databases.txt
@@ -151,21 +151,12 @@ The default engine is MyISAM_ [#]_. The main drawback of MyISAM is that it
doesn't currently support transactions or foreign keys. On the plus side, it's
currently the only engine that supports full-text indexing and searching.
-The InnoDB_ engine is fully transactional and supports foreign key references.
+The InnoDB_ engine is fully transactional and supports foreign key references
+and is probably the best choice at this point in time.
-The BDB_ engine, like InnoDB, is also fully transactional and supports foreign
-key references. However, its use seems to be deprecated.
-`Other storage engines`_, including SolidDB_ and Falcon_, are on the horizon.
-For now, InnoDB is probably your best choice.
-.. _storage engines:
-.. _MyISAM:
-.. _BDB:
-.. _InnoDB:
-.. _Other storage engines:
-.. _SolidDB:
-.. _Falcon:
+.. _storage engines:
+.. _MyISAM:
+.. _InnoDB:
.. [#] Unless this was changed by the packager of your MySQL package. We've
had reports that the Windows Community Server installer sets up InnoDB as
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