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Fixed #6795 -- Added some translation info to docs/contributing.txt. …

…Thanks, Karderio and vegpuff

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6 docs/contributing.txt
@@ -328,8 +328,12 @@ incorrect translation, or if you'd like to add a language that isn't yet
translated, here's what to do:
* Join the `Django i18n mailing list`_ and introduce yourself.
- * Create and submit translations using the methods described in the
+ * Create translations using the methods described in the
`i18n documentation`_.
+ * Create a diff of the ``.po`` file against the current Subversion trunk.
+ * Make sure that `` bin/ -l <lang>`` runs without
+ producing any warnings.
+ * Attach the patch to a ticket in Django's ticket system.
.. _Django i18n mailing list:
.. _i18n documentation: ../i18n/

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