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Fixed #22006 -- Documented how to write a login_required mixin for CBVs.

Thanks django at for the suggestion and mockforest
for the draft patch.
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1 parent ad43fda commit 584044566414d3f4595337225aa23b52a089a680 @timgraham timgraham committed
6 docs/topics/auth/default.txt
@@ -564,14 +564,16 @@ The permission_required decorator
The :func:`~django.contrib.auth.decorators.permission_required`
decorator can take a list of permissions as well as a single permission.
+.. _applying-permissions-to-generic-views:
Applying permissions to generic views
To apply a permission to a :doc:`class-based generic view
</ref/class-based-views/index>`, decorate the :meth:`View.dispatch
<django.views.generic.base.View.dispatch>` method on the class. See
-:ref:`decorating-class-based-views` for details.
+:ref:`decorating-class-based-views` for details. Another approach is to
+:ref:`write a mixin that wraps as_view() <mixins_that_wrap_as_view>`.
.. _built-in-auth-views:
23 docs/topics/class-based-views/intro.txt
@@ -173,6 +173,29 @@ that inherits from ``View`` - for example, trying to use a form at the top of a
list and combining :class:`~django.views.generic.edit.ProcessFormView` and
:class:`~django.views.generic.list.ListView` - won't work as expected.
+.. _mixins_that_wrap_as_view:
+Mixins that wrap ``as_view()``
+One way to apply common behavior to many classes is to write a mixin that wraps
+the :meth:`~django.views.generic.base.View.as_view()` method.
+For example, if you have many generic views that should be decorated with
+:func:`~django.contrib.auth.decorators.login_required` you could implement a
+mixin like this::
+ from django.contrib.auth.decorators import login_required
+ class LoginRequiredMixin(object):
+ @classmethod
+ def as_view(cls):
+ return login_required(super(LoginRequiredMixin, cls).as_view())
+ class MyView(LoginRequiredMixin, ...):
+ # this is a generic view
+ ...
Handling forms with class-based views

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