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Fixed i18n test to match changed translation

Forward port of ab6ff2e from stable/1.5
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1 parent 87cc3da commit 58a2fc820eba04a24c7cc6d4c66b5aea6abe8c5a @claudep claudep committed
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2 tests/i18n/
@@ -646,7 +646,7 @@ def test_sub_locales(self):
with translation.override('de-at', deactivate=True):
self.assertEqual('66.666,666', Template('{{ n }}').render(self.ctxt))
with translation.override('es-us', deactivate=True):
- self.assertEqual('31 de diciembre de 2009', date_format(self.d))
+ self.assertEqual('31 de Diciembre de 2009', date_format(self.d))
def test_localized_input(self):

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