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Reverted 'now' template tag documentation changes so it describes the…

… real code implementation regarding (lack of) interaction with L10N machinery. Refs #15263. Thanks danielr for the report.

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@@ -678,12 +678,9 @@ See :doc:`Custom tag and filter libraries </howto/custom-template-tags>` for mor
-Display the current date and/or time, according to the given string.
-Given format can be one of the predefined ones ``DATE_FORMAT``,
-or a custom format, same as the :tfilter:`date` filter. Note that predefined
-formats may vary depending on the current locale.
+Display the current date and/or time, using a format according to the given
+string. Such string can contain format specifiers characters as described
+in the :tfilter:`date` filter section.

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