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Merge pull request #686 from skrr/ticket_19703

Fixed #19703 -- Typo in get_declared_fields docstring
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2 parents 3895ebc + 52533a6 commit 5b4805ae2bbc14b159e3bfd84e78eb9189ffa6eb @claudep claudep committed Jan 30, 2013
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@@ -32,12 +32,12 @@ def get_declared_fields(bases, attrs, with_base_fields=True):
Create a list of form field instances from the passed in 'attrs', plus any
similar fields on the base classes (in 'bases'). This is used by both the
- Form and ModelForm metclasses.
+ Form and ModelForm metaclasses.
If 'with_base_fields' is True, all fields from the bases are used.
Otherwise, only fields in the 'declared_fields' attribute on the bases are
used. The distinction is useful in ModelForm subclassing.
- Also integrates any additional media definitions
+ Also integrates any additional media definitions.
fields = [(field_name, attrs.pop(field_name)) for field_name, obj in list(six.iteritems(attrs)) if isinstance(obj, Field)]
fields.sort(key=lambda x: x[1].creation_counter)

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