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Fixed #11022: documented that the admin bulk delete action calls `Que…

…rySet.delete()`, not `Model.delete()`. Thanks, Idan Gazit.

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@@ -23,7 +23,20 @@ models. For example, here's the user module from Django's built-in
:mod:`django.contrib.auth` app:
.. image:: _images/user_actions.png
+.. warning::
+ The "delete selected objects" action uses :meth:`QuerySet.delete()
+ <django.db.models.QuerySet.delete>` for efficiency reasons, which has an
+ important caveat: your model's ``delete()`` method will not be called.
+ If you wish to override this behavior, simply write a custom action which
+ accomplishes deletion in your preferred manner -- for example, by calling
+ ``Model.delete()`` for each of the selected items.
+ For more background on bulk deletion, see the documentation on :ref:`object
+ deletion <topics-db-queries-delete>`.
Read on to find out how to add your own actions to this list.
Writing actions

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