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If you're not sure whether your patch should be considered non-trivial, just
+Deprecating a feature
+There are a couple reasons that code in Django might be deprecated:
+* If a feature has been improved or modified in a backwards-incompatible way,
+ the old feature or behavior will be deprecated.
+* Sometimes Django will include a backport of a Python library that's not
+ included in a version of Python that Django currently supports. When Django
+ no longer needs to support the older version of Python that doesn't include
+ the library, the library will be deprecated in Django.
+As the :ref:`deprecation policy<internal-release-deprecation-policy>` describes,
+the first release of Django that deprecates a feature (``A.B``) should raise a
+``PendingDeprecationWarning`` when the deprecated feature is invoked. Assuming
+we have a good test coverage, these warnings will be shown by the test suite
+when :ref:`running it <running-unit-tests>` with warnings enabled:
+``python -Wall``. This is annoying and the output of the test suite
+should remain clean. Thus, when adding a ``PendingDeprecationWarning`` you need
+to eliminate or silence any warnings generated when running the tests.
+The first step is to remove any use of the deprecated behavior by Django itself.
+Next you can silence warnings in tests that actually test the deprecated
+behavior in one of two ways:
+#) In a particular test::
+ import warnings
+ def test_foo(self):
+ with warnings.catch_warnings(record=True) as w:
+ warnings.simplefilter("always")
+ # invoke deprecated behavior
+ # go ahead with the rest of the test
+#) For an entire test case, ``django.test.utils`` contains three helpful
+ mixins to silence warnings: ``IgnorePendingDeprecationWarningsMixin``,
+ ``IgnoreDeprecationWarningsMixin``, and
+ ``IgnoreAllDeprecationWarningsMixin``. For example::
+ from django.test.utils import IgnorePendingDeprecationWarningsMixin
+ class MyDeprecatedTests(IgnorePendingDeprecationWarningsMixin, unittest.TestCase):
+ ...
+Finally, there are a couple of updates to Django's documentation to make:
+#) If the existing feature is documented, mark it deprecated in documentation
+ using the ``.. deprecated:: A.B`` annotation. Include a short description
+ and a note about the upgrade path if applicable.
+#) Add a description of the deprecated behavior, and the upgrade path if
+ applicable, to the current release notes (``docs/releases/A.B.txt``) under
+ the "Features deprecated in A.B" heading.
+#) Add an entry in the deprecation timeline (``docs/internals/deprecation.txt``)
+ under the ``A.B+2`` version describing what code will be removed.
+Once you have completed these steps, you are finished with the deprecation.
+In each minor release, all ``PendingDeprecationWarning``\s are promoted to
+``DeprecationWarning``\s and any features marked with ``DeprecationWarning``
+are removed.
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