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Added small newforms unit test

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1 parent 97256bc commit 5bec651a61ac9ba2831850104060833b37403399 @adrianholovaty adrianholovaty committed
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13 tests/regressiontests/forms/
@@ -2011,6 +2011,19 @@
<option value="J">Java</option>
+A subtlety: If one of the choices' value is the empty string and the form is
+unbound, then the <option> for the empty-string choice will get selected="selected".
+>>> class FrameworkForm(Form):
+... name = CharField()
+... language = ChoiceField(choices=[('', '------'), ('P', 'Python'), ('J', 'Java')])
+>>> f = FrameworkForm(auto_id=False)
+>>> print f['language']
+<select name="language">
+<option value="" selected="selected">------</option>
+<option value="P">Python</option>
+<option value="J">Java</option>
You can specify widget attributes in the Widget constructor.
>>> class FrameworkForm(Form):
... name = CharField()

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