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Finalize 1.3 release notes.

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-Django 1.3 release notes - UNDER DEVELOPMENT
+Django 1.3 release notes
-*Insert release date here*
+*March 23, 2011*
Welcome to Django 1.3!
@@ -50,6 +50,20 @@ you'll need to make to handle them -- are documented in the list of
.. _the unittest2 library: `unittest2 support`_
.. _begins the deprecation process for some features: `deprecated-features-1.3`_
+Python compatibility
+The release of Django 1.2 was notable for having the first shift in
+Django's Python compatibility policy; prior to Django 1.2, Django
+supported any 2.x version of Python from 2.3 up. As of Django 1.2, the
+requirement was raised to Python 2.4.
+Django 1.3 continues to support Python 2.4, but will be the final
+Django release series to do so; beginning with Django 1.4, the minimum
+supported Python version will be 2.5. A document outlining our full
+timeline for deprecating Python 2.x and moving to Python 3.x will be
+published shortly after the release of Django 1.3.
What's new in Django 1.3

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