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Fixed a typo and clarified how django.core.mail.outbox works in the …

…testing framework. Fixed #9237.

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@@ -950,7 +950,7 @@ Django, such as your machine's mail server, if you're running one.)
.. currentmodule:: django.core.mail
-.. data:: django.core.mail.output
+.. data:: django.core.mail.outbox
During test running, each outgoing e-mail is saved in
``django.core.mail.outbox``. This is a simple list of all
@@ -961,6 +961,11 @@ dummy :class:`<~django.core.mail.SMTPConnection>`. When the test framework is
torn down, the standard :class:`<~django.core.mail.SMTPConnection>` class is
restored, and the test outbox is destroyed.
+The ``outbox`` attribute is a special attribute that is created *only* when
+the tests are run. It doesn't normally exist as part of the
+:mod:`django.core.mail` module and you can't import it directly. The code
+below shows how to access this attribute correctly.
Here's an example test that examines ``django.core.mail.outbox`` for length
and contents::

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