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[1.1.X] Added backwards incompatibility note to 1.1.2 release notes f…

…or the change in test runner exit status codes (refs #11615).

Backport of r12070 from trunk.

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15 docs/releases/1.1.2.txt
@@ -19,8 +19,21 @@ development or deployment currently using or targeting Django 1.1.
For full details on the new features, backwards incompatibilities, and
deprecated features in the 1.1 branch, see the :ref:`releases-1.1`.
+Backwards-incompatible changes in 1.1.2
+Test runner exit status code
+The exit status code of the test runners (``tests/`` and ``python test``) no longer represents the number of failed tests, since a
+failure of 256 or more tests resulted in a wrong exit status code. The exit
+status code for the test runner is now 0 for success (no failing tests) and 1
+for any number of test failures. If needed, the number of test failures can be
+found at the end of the test runner's output.
One new feature
Ordinarily, a point release would not include new features, but in the
case of Django 1.1.2, we have made an exception to this rule. Django
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