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[1.8.x] Fixed #23520 -- Explained that custom plural forms should be …


Thanks aruseni for the report.
Backport of 556eb67 from master.
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claudep committed Mar 20, 2015
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@@ -263,6 +263,15 @@ In a case like this, consider something like the following::
a format specification for argument 'name', as in 'msgstr[0]', doesn't exist in 'msgid'
+.. note:: Plural form and po files
+ Django does not support custom plural equations in po files. As all
+ translation catalogs are merged, only the plural form for the main Django po
+ file (in ``django/conf/locale/<lang_code>/LC_MESSAGES/django.po``) is
+ considered. Plural forms in all other po files are ignored. Therefore, you
+ should not use different plural equations in your project or application po
+ files.
.. _contextual-markers:
Contextual markers

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