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Fixed #11205 -- Made the links to the str method description look the…

… same as the links to the unicode method description in the tutorial part 1. Having one be fully qualified while the other was not was odd-looking.

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@@ -595,16 +595,16 @@ prompt, but also because objects' representations are used throughout Django's
automatically-generated admin.
.. admonition:: Why :meth:`~django.db.models.Model.__unicode__` and not
- :meth:`django.db.models.Model.__str__`?
+ :meth:`~django.db.models.Model.__str__`?
If you're familiar with Python, you might be in the habit of adding
- :meth:`django.db.models.Model.__str__` methods to your classes, not
+ :meth:`~django.db.models.Model.__str__` methods to your classes, not
:meth:`~django.db.models.Model.__unicode__` methods. We use
:meth:`~django.db.models.Model.__unicode__` here because Django models deal
with Unicode by default. All data stored in your database is converted to
Unicode when it's returned.
- Django models have a default :meth:`django.db.models.Model.__str__` method
+ Django models have a default :meth:`~django.db.models.Model.__str__` method
that calls :meth:`~django.db.models.Model.__unicode__` and converts the
result to a UTF-8 bytestring. This means that ``unicode(p)`` will return a
Unicode string, and ``str(p)`` will return a normal string, with characters

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