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Stop auto-correcting string INSTALLED_APPS, TEMPLATE_DIRS settings, a…

…s per deprecation TL.
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1 parent f73d04d commit 5e08b792eff2a3ca340ad5a8a568c665e52ec39e @ramiro ramiro committed Jun 28, 2013
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@@ -132,19 +132,9 @@ def __init__(self, settings_module):
- # Settings that should be converted into tuples if they're mistakenly entered
- # as strings.
- tuple_settings = ("INSTALLED_APPS", "TEMPLATE_DIRS")
for setting in dir(mod):
if setting == setting.upper():
setting_value = getattr(mod, setting)
- if setting in tuple_settings and \
- isinstance(setting_value, six.string_types):
- warnings.warn("The %s setting must be a tuple. Please fix your "
- "settings, as auto-correction is now deprecated." % setting,
- DeprecationWarning, stacklevel=2)
- setting_value = (setting_value,) # In case the user forgot the comma.
setattr(self, setting, setting_value)
if not self.SECRET_KEY:

2 comments on commit 5e08b79


claudep replied Jun 29, 2013

I think that only the auto-correction should have been removed. So instead of auto-correcting, we should raise an ImproperlyConfigured exception. Right?


ramiro replied Jun 29, 2013

Ah yes, now that I read the deprecation timeline document entry more carefully and see I see the intended action was to raise an exception.

Will fix that today. Thanks!

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