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Fixed #11202 -- Removed mod_python information from FAQ, as it is no …

…longer the recommended deployment option, in favor of more general pointers to the docs and wiki where deployment is discussed in depth.

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@@ -24,18 +24,19 @@ usage.
For a development environment -- if you just want to experiment with Django --
you don't need to have a separate Web server installed; Django comes with its
-own lightweight development server. For a production environment, we recommend
-`Apache 2`_ and mod_python_, although Django follows the WSGI_ spec, which
-means it can run on a variety of server platforms.
+own lightweight development server. For a production environment, Django
+follows the WSGI_ spec, which means it can run on a variety of server
+platforms. See :ref:`Deplying Django <howto-deployment-index>` for some
+popular alternatives. Also, the `server arrangements wiki page`_ contains
+details for several deployment strategies.
If you want to use Django with a database, which is probably the case, you'll
also need a database engine. PostgreSQL_ is recommended, because we're
PostgreSQL fans, and MySQL_, `SQLite 3`_, and Oracle_ are also supported.
.. _Python:
-.. _Apache 2:
-.. _mod_python:
.. _WSGI:
+.. _server arrangements wiki page:
.. _PostgreSQL:
.. _MySQL:
.. _`SQLite 3`:
@@ -79,40 +80,6 @@ with bug fixes and security updates by the Python development team, so
continuing to use a Python 2.x release during the transition should
not present any risk.
-Do I have to use mod_python?
-Although we recommend mod_python for production use, you don't have to use it,
-thanks to the fact that Django uses an arrangement called WSGI_. Django can
-talk to any WSGI-enabled server. Other non-mod_python deployment setups are
-FastCGI, SCGI or AJP. See
-:ref:`How to use Django with FastCGI, SCGI or AJP <howto-deployment-fastcgi>`
-for full information.
-Also, see the `server arrangements wiki page`_ for other deployment strategies.
-If you just want to play around and develop things on your local computer, use
-the development Web server that comes with Django. Things should Just Work.
-.. _WSGI:
-.. _server arrangements wiki page:
-How do I install mod_python on Windows?
- * For Python 2.4, grab mod_python from `win32 build of mod_python for
- Python 2.4`_.
- * For Python 2.4, check out this `Django on Windows howto`_.
- * For Python 2.3, grab mod_python from and read
- `Running mod_python on Apache on Windows2000`_.
- * Also, try this (not Windows-specific) `guide to getting mod_python
- working`_.
-.. _`win32 build of mod_python for Python 2.4`:
-.. _`Django on Windows howto`:
-.. _`Running mod_python on Apache on Windows2000`:
-.. _`guide to getting mod_python working`:
Will Django run under shared hosting (like TextDrive or Dreamhost)?

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