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Fixed #7513 -- Added a note on the dependencies that need to be inst…

…alled when running the Django system tests. Thanks to Peter Melvyn for the original report, and Ramiro Morales for the original draft.

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@@ -739,6 +739,26 @@ If you're using another backend:
deleted when the tests are finished. This means your user account needs
permission to execute ``CREATE DATABASE``.
+If you want to run the full suite of tests, there are a number of dependencies that
+you should install:
+ * PyYAML_
+ * Markdown_
+ * Textile_
+ * Docutils_
+ * setuptools_
+Of these dependencies, setuptools_ is the only dependency that is required - if
+setuptools_ is not installed, you will get import errors when running one of
+the template tests. The tests using the other libraries will be skipped if the
+Django the dependency can't be found.
+.. _PyYAML:
+.. _Markdown:
+.. _Textile:
+.. _docutils:
+.. _setuptools:
To run a subset of the unit tests, append the names of the test modules to the
```` command line. See the list of directories in
``tests/modeltests`` and ``tests/regressiontests`` for module names.

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