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@@ -300,19 +300,22 @@ If ``TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS`` contains this processor, every
* ``user`` -- An ``auth.User`` instance representing the currently
logged-in user (or an ``AnonymousUser`` instance, if the client isn't
logged in). See the `user authentication docs`.
- * ``messages`` -- Returns a list of messages for the currently logged-in
- user (set with ``user.add_message()``). Behind the scenes, this calls
- ``request.user.get_and_delete_messages()``, which iterates over user's
- messages and returns the actual message before deleting the ``Message``
- object.
+ * ``messages`` -- A list of messages (as strings) for the currently
+ logged-in user. Behind the scenes, this calls
+ ``request.user.get_and_delete_messages()`` for every request. That method
+ collects the user's messages and deletes them from the database.
+ Note that messages are set with ``user.add_message()``. See the
+ `message docs`_ for more.
* ``perms`` -- An instance of
``django.core.context_processors.PermWrapper``, representing the
permissions that the currently logged-in user has. See the `permissions
.. _user authentication docs:
+.. _message docs:
.. _permissions docs:

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