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Fixed #18374 -- Explained "corrupt image" error

Thanks fabian and charettes.
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@@ -591,7 +591,11 @@ For each field, we describe the default widget used if you don't specify
* Error message keys: ``required``, ``invalid``, ``missing``, ``empty``,
- Using an ImageField requires that the `Python Imaging Library`_ is installed.
+ Using an ``ImageField`` requires that the `Python Imaging Library`_ (PIL)
+ is installed and supports the image formats you use. If you encounter a
+ ``corrupt image`` error when you upload an image, it usually means PIL
+ doesn't understand its format. To fix this, install the appropriate
+ library and reinstall PIL.
When you use an ``ImageField`` on a form, you must also remember to
:ref:`bind the file data to the form <binding-uploaded-files>`.

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