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Fixed #22620 -- Emphasized role of DATABASE_ROTERS in multi-db docs.

Thanks Mike O'Connor for the suggestions.
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1 parent 7b9537f commit 5ecead9ab993d3939068740bf195e2fff281c8ab @timgraham timgraham committed Aug 26, 2014
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@@ -45,8 +45,11 @@ If the concept of a ``default`` database doesn't make sense in the context
of your project, you need to be careful to always specify the database
that you want to use. Django requires that a ``default`` database entry
be defined, but the parameters dictionary can be left blank if it will not be
-used. The following is an example ```` snippet defining two
-non-default databases, with the ``default`` entry intentionally left empty::
+used. You must setup :setting:`DATABASE_ROUTERS` for all of your apps' models,
+including those in any contrib and third-party apps you are using, so that no
+queries are routed to the default database in order to do this. The following
+is an example ```` snippet defining two non-default databases, with
+the ``default`` entry intentionally left empty::
'default': {},
@@ -85,12 +88,6 @@ particular database, you can define a :ref:`database
router<topics-db-multi-db-routing>` that implements a policy
constraining the availability of particular models.
-Alternatively, if you want fine-grained control of synchronization,
-you can pipe all or part of the output of :djadmin:`sqlall` for a
-particular application directly into your database prompt, like this::
- $ ./ sqlall sales | ./ dbshell
Using other management commands
@@ -690,11 +687,10 @@ In addition, some objects are automatically created just after
For common setups with multiple databases, it isn't useful to have these
objects in more than one database. Common setups include primary/replica and
-connecting to external databases. Therefore, it's recommended:
-- either to run :djadmin:`migrate` only for the default database;
-- or to write :ref:`database router<topics-db-multi-db-routing>` that allows
- synchronizing these three models only to one database.
+connecting to external databases. Therefore, it's recommended to write a
+:ref:`database router<topics-db-multi-db-routing>` that allows synchronizing
+these three models to only one database. Use the same approach for contrib
+and third-party apps that don't need their tables in multiple databases.
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