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@@ -94,3 +94,15 @@ site is built using semantic HTML and plenty of CSS hooks, so any changes you'd
like to make should be possible by editing the stylesheet. We've got a
:doc:`guide to the CSS used in the admin </obsolete/admin-css>` to get you started.
+What browsers are supported for using the admin?
+The admin provides a fully-functional experience to `YUI's A-grade`_ browsers,
+with the notable exception of IE6, which is not supported.
+There *may* be minor stylistic differences between supported browsers—for
+example, some browsers may not support rounded corners. These are considered
+acceptable variations in rendering.
+.. _YUI's A-grade:
@@ -57,10 +57,27 @@ HTML5
We've switched the admin and other bundled templates to use the HTML5
doctype. While Django will be careful in its use of HTML5 features, to maintain
-compatibility with old browsers, this change means that you can use any HTML5
+compatibility with older browsers, this change means that you can use any HTML5
features you need in admin pages without having to lose HTML validity or
override the provided templates to change the doctype.
+Supported browsers for the admin
+Django hasn't had a clear policy on which browsers are supported for using the
+admin app. Django's new policy formalizes existing practices: `YUI's A-grade`_
+browsers should provide a fully-functional admin experience, with the notable
+exception of IE6, which is no longer supported.
+Released over ten years ago, IE6 imposes many limitations on modern web
+development. The practical implications of this policy are that contributors
+are free to improve the admin without consideration for these limitations.
+This new policy **has no impact** on development outside of the admin. Users of
+Django are free to develop webapps compatible with any range of browsers.
+.. _YUI's A-grade:
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