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Added some tips to the contributor docs, namely about removing traili…

…ng whitespaces and about mentioning relevant ticket numbers in tests.

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@@ -184,6 +184,12 @@ Miscellaneous
* Remove ``import`` statements that are no longer used when you change code.
The most common tools for this task are `pyflakes`_ and `pylint`_.
+ * Systematically remove all trailing whitespaces from your code as those
+ add unnecessary bytes, add visual clutter to the patches and can also
+ occasionally cause unnecessary merge conflicts. Some IDE's can be
+ configured to automatically remove them and most VCS tools can be set to
+ highlight them in diff outputs.
* Please don't put your name in the code you contribute. Our policy is to
keep contributors' names in the ``AUTHORS`` file distributed with Django
-- not scattered throughout the codebase itself. Feel free to include a
@@ -101,8 +101,11 @@ Patch style
* The code required to fix a problem or add a feature is an essential part
of a patch, but it is not the only part. A good patch should also
- include a regression test to validate the behavior that has been fixed,
- to prevent the problem from arising again.
+ include a regression test to validate the behavior that has been fixed
+ and to prevent the problem from arising again. Also, if some tickets are
+ relevant to the code that you've written, mention the ticket numbers in
+ some comments in the test so that one can easily trace back the relevant
+ discussions after your patch gets committed and the tickets get closed.
* If the code associated with a patch adds a new feature, or modifies
behavior of an existing feature, the patch should also contain

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