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Added a skeleton for 'little features' in the 1.3 release notes.

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@@ -56,6 +56,29 @@ you just won't get any of the nice new unittest2 features.
.. _unittest2:
+Everything else
+Django :doc:`1.1 <1.1>` and :doc:`1.2 <1.2>` added
+lots of big ticket items to Django, like multiple-database support,
+model validation, and a session-based messages framework. However,
+this focus on big features came at the cost of lots of smaller
+To compensate for this, the focus of the Django 1.3 development
+process has been on adding lots of smaller, long standing feature
+requests. These include:
+ * Improved tools for accessing and manipulating the current Site.
+ * A :class:`~django.test.client.RequestFactory` for mocking
+ requests in tests.
+ * A new test assertion --
+ :meth:`~django.test.client.Client.assertNumQueries` -- making it
+ easier to test the database activity associated with a view.
.. _backwards-incompatible-changes-1.3:
Backwards-incompatible changes in 1.3

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