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Clarified that filter arguments are passed as a single string to the …

…translation support. Refs #6326.

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@@ -292,6 +292,14 @@ translation string. Example::
In this case, both the tag and the filter will see the already-translated
string, so they don't need to be aware of translations.
+.. note::
+ In this example, the translation infrastructure will be passed the string
+ ``"yes,no"``, not the individual strings ``"yes"`` and ``"no"``. The
+ translated string will need to contain the comma so that the filter
+ parsing code knows how to split up the arguments. For example, a German
+ translator might translate the string ``"yes,no"`` as ``"ja,nein"``
+ (keeping the comma intact).
.. _Django templates: ../templates_python/
Working with lazy translation objects

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