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Added comment to UserAdmin.add_view() explaining why we disallow user…

…s without change permissions from adding other users. Refs #9866

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1 parent 9af5680 commit 62362c61757acfd68201ad737db98108a0146151 @adrianholovaty adrianholovaty committed Dec 25, 2008
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@@ -42,6 +42,12 @@ def __call__(self, request, url):
return super(UserAdmin, self).__call__(request, url)
def add_view(self, request):
+ # It's an error for a user to have add permission but NOT change
+ # permission for users. If we allowed such users to add users, they
+ # could create superusers, which would mean they would essentially have
+ # the permission to change users. To avoid the problem entirely, we
+ # disallow users from adding users if they don't have change
+ # permission.
if not self.has_change_permission(request):
raise PermissionDenied
if request.method == 'POST':

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