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Removed the 'under development' marker from the 1.1.2 release notes; …

…a little too late, but better than never.

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10 docs/releases/1.1.2.txt
@@ -1,12 +1,10 @@
.. _releases-1.1.2:
-Django 1.1.2 release notes — UNDER DEVELOPMENT
+Django 1.1.2 release notes
-This page documents release notes for the as-yet-unreleased Django
-1.1.2. As such it is tentative and subject to change. It provides
-up-to-date information for those who are following the 1.1.X branch.
+Welcome to Django 1.1.2!
This is the second "bugfix" release in the Django 1.1 series,
improving the stability and performance of the Django 1.1 codebase.

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