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Fixed #8848: clarified custom file storage backend docs in light of …

…the more clear code comments.

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@@ -3,6 +3,8 @@
Writing a custom storage system
+.. currentmodule::
If you need to provide custom file storage -- a common example is storing files
on some remote system -- you can do so by defining a custom storage class.
You'll need to follow these steps:
@@ -35,8 +37,16 @@ You'll need to follow these steps:
the ``path()`` method.
Your custom storage system may override any of the storage methods explained in
-:ref:`ref-files-storage`. However, it's usually better to use the hooks
-specifically designed for custom storage objects. These are:
+:ref:`ref-files-storage`, but you **must** implement the following methods:
+ * :meth:`Storage.delete`
+ * :meth:`Storage.exists`
+ * :meth:`Storage.listdir`
+ * :meth:`Storage.size`
+ * :meth:`Storage.url`
+You'all also usually want to use hooks specifically designed for custom storage
+objects. These are:
``_open(name, mode='rb')``

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