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Fixed #8985 -- Removed two FAQ questions that have been outdated by t…

…he 1.0 release, including 'When will you release Django 1.0?' Good riddance!

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@@ -148,14 +148,6 @@ Like we said: We're picky.
We've documented our philosophies on the
:ref:`design philosophies page <misc-design-philosophies>`.
-Do you have any of those nifty "screencast" things?
-You can bet your bottom they're on the way. But, since we're still hammering
-out a few points, we want to make sure they reflect the final state of things
-at Django 1.0, not some intermediary step. In other words, we don't want to
-spend a lot of energy creating screencasts yet, because Django APIs will shift.
Is Django a content-management-system (CMS)?
@@ -173,14 +165,6 @@ means!).
.. _Drupal:
-When will you release Django 1.0?
-See our `version one roadmap`_ for the detailed timeline. We're aiming for
-September 2, 2008.
-.. _version one roadmap:
How can I download the Django documentation to read it offline?

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