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Fixed #22142 -- Documented PostGIS 2 database creation during tests

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1 parent 91f4a75 commit 65b4626528fc133a09ebc8d19fbaa871bdb7e17d @yakky yakky committed with claudep
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9 docs/ref/contrib/gis/testing.txt
@@ -92,6 +92,15 @@ Create local PostgreSQL database
3. Start this database ``pg_ctl -D /path/to/user/db start``
+Create a database using PostGIS version 2
+When testing projects using :ref:`PostGIS 2 <spatialdb_template91>`,
+the test database is created using the ``CREATE EXTENSION postgis``
+instruction, provided that no template ``template_postgis`` (or named
+accordingly to :setting:`POSTGIS_TEMPLATE`) exists in the current

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