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Removed a test that didn't make sense; code could never be called the…

… way the test was written.
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1 parent 3d595c3 commit 6634cb7b53bc35241e070f1896ff2fc439c19d0f Alex Gaynor committed
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4 tests/many_to_one_regress/
@@ -60,10 +60,6 @@ def test_fk_assignment_and_related_object_cache(self):
self.assertRaises(ValueError, Child, name='xyzzy', parent=None)
self.assertRaises(ValueError, Child.objects.create, name='xyzzy', parent=None)
- # Trying to assign to unbound attribute raises AttributeError
- six.assertRaisesRegex(self, AttributeError, "must be accessed via instance",
- Child.parent.__set__, None, p)
# Creation using keyword argument should cache the related object.
p = Parent.objects.get(name="Parent")
c = Child(parent=p)

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