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Further fix the release notes for refs #13147.

Mention of custom user models has been removed since UserCreationForm
didn't support custom user models anyway. Refs #19353.
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1 parent 4e42408 commit 671e0c937c112b1908048b4d8deb14c0116b8946 @loic loic committed Jul 15, 2014
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@@ -416,11 +416,10 @@ Miscellaneous
* ``UserCreationForm.errors_messages['duplicate_username']`` is no longer used.
If you wish to customize that error message, :ref:`override it on the form
- <considerations-regarding-model-errormessages>` using
- ``Meta.errors_messages['unique']`` or, if you have a custom user model, use
- the ``'unique'`` key in the :attr:`~django.db.models.Field.error_messages`
- option of the field designated by
- :attr:`~django.contrib.auth.models.CustomUser.USERNAME_FIELD`.
+ <modelforms-overriding-default-fields>` using the ``'unique'`` key in
+ ``Meta.errors_messages['username']`` or, if you have a custom form field for
+ ``'username'``, using the the ``'unique'`` key in its
+ :attr:`~django.forms.Field.error_messages` argument.
.. _deprecated-features-1.8:

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