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Fixed #11528 -- Updated Traditional Chinese translation. Thanks to Qi…

…ng Feng/

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1 parent 53d16b1 commit 67505210f2fb312089787e2da5753297eb72d6e3 @freakboy3742 freakboy3742 committed Jul 23, 2009
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@@ -3872,11 +3872,11 @@ msgstr "请修改%(field)s的重复数据.这个字段必须唯一"
msgid ""
"Please correct the duplicate data for %(field_name)s which must be unique "
"for the %(lookup)s in %(date_field)s."
-msgstr "%(field_name)s の重複したデータを修正してください。%(date_field)s %(lookup)s では %(field_name)s がユニークである必要があります。"
+msgstr "请修正%(field_name)s的重复数据。%(date_field)s %(lookup)s %(field_name)s 必须保证唯一."
#: forms/
msgid "Please correct the duplicate values below."
-msgstr "下記の重複したデータを修正してください。"
+msgstr "请修正重复的数据."
#: forms/ forms/
#, python-format

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