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Reflected the new default value of LOGGING_CONFIG in docs.

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1 parent 72c65fe commit 6a0374d03705b04872ac72af2be92aedbf0c213f @aaugustin aaugustin committed
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6 docs/ref/settings.txt
@@ -1364,7 +1364,7 @@ __
-Default: ``'django.utils.log.dictConfig'``
+Default: ``'logging.config.dictConfig'``
A path to a callable that will be used to configure logging in the
Django project. Points at a instance of Python's `dictConfig`_
@@ -1373,6 +1373,10 @@ configuration method by default.
If you set :setting:`LOGGING_CONFIG` to ``None``, the logging
configuration process will be skipped.
+.. versionchanged:: 1.7
+ Previously, the default value was ``'django.utils.log.dictConfig'``.
.. _dictConfig:
.. setting:: MANAGERS

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