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Fixed #17888 -- no longer silence exceptions inside of check_test. Th…

…anks to brutasse for the patch.
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1 parent e4ea536 commit 6a5a12ea3e3193b3658b9237b86d98bc37d668d7 Alex Gaynor committed
8 django/forms/
@@ -507,11 +507,7 @@ def __init__(self, attrs=None, check_test=None):
def render(self, name, value, attrs=None):
final_attrs = self.build_attrs(attrs, type='checkbox', name=name)
- try:
- result = self.check_test(value)
- except: # Silently catch exceptions
- result = False
- if result:
+ if self.check_test(value):
final_attrs['checked'] = 'checked'
if not (value is True or value is False or value is None or value == ''):
# Only add the 'value' attribute if a value is non-empty.
@@ -525,7 +521,7 @@ def value_from_datadict(self, data, files, name):
return False
value = data.get(name)
# Translate true and false strings to boolean values.
- values = {'true': True, 'false': False}
+ values = {'true': True, 'false': False}
if isinstance(value, six.string_types):
value = values.get(value.lower(), value)
return value
4 docs/ref/forms/widgets.txt
@@ -310,6 +310,10 @@ commonly used groups of widgets:
A callable that takes the value of the CheckBoxInput and returns
``True`` if the checkbox should be checked for that value.
+ .. versionchanged:: 1.5
+ Exceptions from ``check_test`` used to be silenced by its caller,
+ this is no longer the case, they will propagate upwards.
10 tests/regressiontests/forms/tests/
@@ -216,13 +216,9 @@ def test_checkboxinput(self):
self.assertHTMLEqual(w.render('greeting', 'hello there'), '<input checked="checked" type="checkbox" name="greeting" value="hello there" />')
self.assertHTMLEqual(w.render('greeting', 'hello & goodbye'), '<input checked="checked" type="checkbox" name="greeting" value="hello &amp; goodbye" />')
- # A subtlety: If the 'check_test' argument cannot handle a value and raises any
- # exception during its __call__, then the exception will be swallowed and the box
- # will not be checked. In this example, the 'check_test' assumes the value has a
- # startswith() method, which fails for the values True, False and None.
- self.assertHTMLEqual(w.render('greeting', True), '<input type="checkbox" name="greeting" />')
- self.assertHTMLEqual(w.render('greeting', False), '<input type="checkbox" name="greeting" />')
- self.assertHTMLEqual(w.render('greeting', None), '<input type="checkbox" name="greeting" />')
+ # Ticket #17888: calling check_test shouldn't swallow exceptions
+ with self.assertRaises(AttributeError):
+ w.render('greeting', True)
# The CheckboxInput widget will return False if the key is not found in the data
# dictionary (because HTML form submission doesn't send any result for unchecked

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