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Normalize the locale paths when considering merging a project languag…

…e catalogue. Refs #14924.

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jezdez committed Feb 14, 2011
1 parent 756f1c2 commit 6b1191b1a2cecb48661d476b3a7f17e17c0d819c
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@@ -165,7 +165,9 @@ def _merge(path):
if os.path.isdir(apppath):
res = _merge(apppath)
if projectpath and os.path.isdir(projectpath) and projectpath not in settings.LOCALE_PATHS:
localepaths = [os.path.normpath(path) for path in settings.LOCALE_PATHS]
if (projectpath and os.path.isdir(projectpath) and
os.path.normpath(projectpath) not in localepaths):
res = _merge(projectpath)
for localepath in reversed(settings.LOCALE_PATHS):

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