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Fixed #20338 - Document FQDN behavior with ALLOWED_HOSTS

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14 docs/ref/settings.txt
@@ -79,6 +79,20 @@ responsible to provide your own validation of the ``Host`` header (perhaps in a
middleware; if so this middleware must be listed first in
+.. note::
+ If you want to also allow the `fully qualified domain name (FQDN)`_, which
+ some browsers can send in the Host header, you must explicitly add another
+ ALLOWED_HOSTS entry that includes a trailing period. This entry can also be
+ a subdomain wildcard::
+ '', # Allow domain and subdomains
+ '', # Also allow FQDN and subdomains
+ ]
+.. _`fully qualified domain name (FQDN)`:
If the ``Host`` header (or ``X-Forwarded-Host`` if
:setting:`USE_X_FORWARDED_HOST` is enabled) does not match any value in this
list, the :meth:`django.http.HttpRequest.get_host()` method will raise

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