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Fixed #2629 -- Added a permission_required decorator to

django.contrib.auth.decorator. Thanks,

git-svn-id: bcc190cf-cafb-0310-a4f2-bffc1f526a37
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commit 6be701eba172a2ca71aaff0f9efe5796b30ca066 1 parent 3efd4dc
@malcolmt malcolmt authored
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  1. +8 −0 django/contrib/auth/
  2. +22 −0 docs/authentication.txt
8 django/contrib/auth/
@@ -26,3 +26,11 @@ def _checklogin(request, *args, **kwargs):
to the log-in page if necessary.
+def permission_required(perm, login_url=LOGIN_URL):
+ """
+ Decorator for views that checks if a user has a particular permission
+ enabled, redirectiing to the log-in page if necessary.
+ """
+ return user_passes_test(lambda u: u.has_perm(perm), login_url=login_url)
22 docs/authentication.txt
@@ -456,6 +456,10 @@ As a shortcut, you can use the convenient ``user_passes_test`` decorator::
# ...
my_view = user_passes_test(lambda u: u.has_perm('polls.can_vote'))(my_view)
+We are using this particular test as a relatively simple example, however be
+aware that if you just want to test if a permission is available to a user,
+you can use the ``permission_required()`` decorator described below.
Here's the same thing, using Python 2.4's decorator syntax::
from django.contrib.auth.decorators import user_passes_test
@@ -488,6 +492,24 @@ Example in Python 2.4 syntax::
def my_view(request):
# ...
+The permission_required decorator
+Since checking whether a user has a particular permission available to them is a
+relatively common operation, Django provides a shortcut for that particular
+case: the ``permission_required()`` decorator. Using this decorator, the
+earlier example can be written as::
+ from django.contrib.auth.decorators import permission_required
+ def my_view(request):
+ # ...
+ my_view = permission_required('polls.can_vote')(my_view)
+Note that ``permission_required()`` also takes an optional ``login_url``
Limiting access to generic views
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