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Fixed #15375 -- clarified apparent contradiction in Form Wizard docum…

…entation. Thanks to codysomerville for the report.

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@@ -7,8 +7,8 @@ Form wizard
Django comes with an optional "form wizard" application that splits
:doc:`forms </topics/forms/index>` across multiple Web pages. It maintains
-state in hashed HTML :samp:`<input type="hidden">` fields, and the data isn't
-processed server-side until the final form is submitted.
+state in hashed HTML :samp:`<input type="hidden">` fields so that the full
+server-side processing can be delayed until the submission of the final form.
You might want to use this if you have a lengthy form that would be too
unwieldy for display on a single page. The first page might ask the user for

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