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Removed incorrect statement from docstring

The docstring of FilterExpression said that it shouldn't be
instantiated from anywhere but the get_filters_from_token
helper function.

However, that helper function was deleted in commit
3ede006 and FilterExpression
is instantiated from inside the compile_filter help function.
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pjrobertson authored and bmispelon committed Feb 19, 2014
1 parent 072fb92 commit 6d18ab01d96dbc7da2fd8807b9d8422d9e9e0b7d
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@@ -545,9 +545,6 @@ class FilterExpression(object):
>>> fe.var
<Variable: 'variable'>
- This class should never be instantiated outside of the
- get_filters_from_token helper function.
def __init__(self, token, parser):
self.token = token

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