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Fixed #22553 -- Added refreshing queryset info to docs.

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David Hoffman authored and timgraham committed Jul 26, 2014
1 parent 5cdb8f8 commit 6d5daa30cf29d0bada0586213ecb2959152566b4
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@@ -717,6 +717,11 @@ can be useful in situations where you might want to pass in either a model
manager or a ``QuerySet`` and do further filtering on the result. After calling
``all()`` on either object, you'll definitely have a ``QuerySet`` to work with.
+When a ``QuerySet`` is :ref:`evaluated <when-querysets-are-evaluated>`, it
+typically caches its results. If the data in the database might have changed
+since a ``QuerySet`` was evaluated, you can get updated results for the same
+query by calling ``all()`` on a previously evaluated ``QuerySet``.

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